How to Sell an Atlanta Junk Car for Scrap Metal and Parts?

If you have a junk car in your garage that you no longer want, you can sell it to earn some money off it. This is not as simple as bringing it to the junk yard and getting the payment though. There is a process involved. Calling the first junk yard service that you will encounter is not a good idea. There are things that you need to know first before selling your car scrap metal and parts. Here are tips that you may consider to make the selling process simpler.
Remove Everything from the Body

If you plan to sell your junk car for just scrap metal, you need to remove everything but the metal. It means removing all the wires and fluids inside. Drain everything that you need to drain, and ask someone to flush it out in case you don’t know how to do it. Also remove the seats, oil pan, engine, steering column and everything else you can think of. You just need to have metal on the vehicle left and nothing else. Most Atlanta junk car scrap companies won’t accept cars that are not stripped.

Remove the Parts You Sell Carefully

When you remove the parts of the vehicle to sell, make sure to do it with care. Parts such as the wheels, brakes, engine and transmissionjunks can all be sold as parts rather than metal. You will get a lot of money from them, so make sure that you check carefully what you can sell and store it while the other parts of the car turns to scraps. Parts that you can salvage from the interior and under the hood could help you get some cash.

Know the Value of the Parts

You need to know the value of your car scrap ahead of time to know if you are getting a good deal or not. You can do this by checking online for parts for sale similar to yours. You can also contact different Atlanta junk car companies in your area to find out how much they would pay for the parts you are selling. If the price differs on every junk yard company you call, you can at least have an idea on how much the parts cost. There are some junk yard owners that would take advantage of your ignorance. They would offer you a price which is much lower than the usual cost of the parts, so make sure you do some research on the price before making a deal.

Know Where to Sell the Car Parts

If after checking your car you find out that there are saleable parts, you can get a good amount of money from them. Finding the right Atlanta junk car company to sell the parts is important. As mentioned above, there are some that might take advantage of you, and might not offer the right price. You can check out some reliable sites for listings of companies like eBay, or you can post an ad on Craigslist. Through the ad the local buyers can see the parts that you are selling and contact you about it. You can make a bargain from there and hopefully end up on getting a lot of money from the transaction. If you are aware of the value for the parts, you can get the right price for the car parts or maybe even more. Using the price that you know, you can now post the parts for sale. If you price it too high, you might not be able to sell it. These Atlanta junk car companies know the price of each part so make sure that you price them reasonably.

Safety Tips: Home Safes, Alarm Systems and More

In case of emergency, do you have a survival plan in mind? Better yet, are you prepared enough to mitigate the risks of unforeseen situations? When it comes to safekeeping, life should be valued highly and precautionary measures should always be observed. How do you provide security for your own family?

Here are some common tips on how to protect your home from possible unpleasant circumstances.

1.    Begin your safety measures even during the construction of your home. Be sure to include accessible fire exits and alternative ways of getting out of the structure, in case of emergencies. When fire, earthquake or any other calamity strikes, your house should be built to be easily navigated and without obstructions that will hinder you from getting out safely. Also, place your fire-prone appliances away from other flammable items. Always have fireproof home safes to ensure protection of assets.

2.    Install home burglar alarm system. There are a lot of ways this can be installed. There are ones that beeps off an alarm when it senses unnecessary motion. This way, when a thief breaks into your house, neighbors can get the hint and call for help. There are also electronic types that automatically connect to a central security system and calls for authorities to check on your place. This is optimal for homes that require close guarding, especially if you have low fences or your house can easily be accessed.

3.    Installing CCTV cameras is a good safety measure if you have children and elderly at home. This way, you can look over them even if you’re not together in the same room. There are also electronic types that can have third party authorities who can look over the place when you’re away.

4.    Fire alarms Home Safesand sprinklers are good investments because accidents like these cannot be foreseen. There are fire alarms that go off when a certain gas is sensed. There are also those types that set off the water sprinkler system in case of fire within the house. This works well if you have fireproof home safes, so your documents can be protected. It is a recommended investment for homes and commercial buildings. However, a cheaper alternative would be a fire extinguisher. Just be sure that any individual near the proximity would have a set of instructions on how to operate the extinguisher.

5.    Buying home safes are one of the best ways to protect your valuable items. They provide maximum security for items like your laptop, extra stacks of money, jewelries, precious stones, keys, documents, and most importantly, firearms. They use either locks or electronic passcode combinations. Do not leave your keys anywhere, or give away your passcode to anyone. It is best to keep it to yourself to ensure maximum protection.
Home safes will give you peace of mind whenever you’re away. They can also be installed in a concealed manner like on home walls or floors. This prevents burglars from seeing them and getting your valuable assets. They can also be fire proof so your documents can be guaranteed safety.

6.    Conduct an emergency drill so everyone is familiar with plans when it comes to sudden incidents. This is ideal for work places and offices, so the employees will not induce panic among one another in the event of fire and other accidents.

7.    For your personal guarantee, it is recommended to have insurance. This will prevent you from starting from scratch if something bad happens. You wouldn’t want to lose all of your investments in just a blink of an eye. An insurance is like a buffer for you to guarantee recovery.

Golf Equipment: The Basic Weapons of the Game

Before heading out in the course and playing golf, one must first know what he should bring to a game. The list of golf equipment is long and extensive but two pieces of golf equipment stand out. These two are the most basic things that a golf player should familiarize himself with: the golf ball and the golf club.

The Golf Ball:

This is the first thing that one would need to play golf. This golf equipment is exactly what its name says it is, a special ball used for golf. This small dimpled ball, usually white, weighs no more than 1.65 oz. and has a diameter of at least 1.68 inches.

There are several kinds of golf balls. The most common is the recreational ball; this is made for the ordinary golfer and is customarily used for leisurely plays. This is also oriented for golfers who have low swing speeds since this ball has low compression and side-spin reduction characteristics. Recreational balls are also great for golfers who tend to lose their balls during a game as these balls are generally less expensive.

On the other Golf equipmenthand, professional players use advanced golf balls during games. This multi-layered ball necessitates greater swing speed to maximize travelled distance. They also have greater amount of spin and are significantly more expensive than the standard ball.

There are also practice balls or range balls that are less expensive than recreational balls. These are durable but have shorter flight distance and have below average hitting characteristics, making it best for players who are still learning how to play.

The Golf Club:

These clubs are used to hit the golf ball in the game; The club has three parts. The first is the grip. This is the part the player holds on to when swinging. This is usually made of rubber, synthetic, or leather. The second is the shaft, the tube connecting the grip and the club head. It is made of either metal, such as steel or titanium, or graphite.
The last part of the golf club, the club head, is considered the most important part as this defines where the golf club would be categorized. Different clubs are created to hit the ball at varying distances. In fact, each club has its own number depending on the distance it can make the ball fly. The higher numbers are designed for short distances while the lower numbers are for longer distances.

The first type of this golf equipment is the Wood clubs. Woods can make the ball fly the farthest when used correctly. This long-distance club is also the longest and most powerful of all types. The name wood club is actually a misnomer as these clubs are made of metals, usually steel and titanium; it is called wood because back then, persimmon wood was used to make the head. They are called wood now to indicate the general shape and purpose of the club.

The next kind of clubs is the irons. Irons are made of an all-metal head and are usually used when the ball is around 200 yards away from the green. The irons have a higher level of loft than the wood meaning they can propel the ball at a relatively shorter distance than the woods.

The most common type of club is the putter. The putter propels the ball at the shortest distance out of all the clubs and is usually used by a golfer when he is in the green and just needs to roll the ball into the hole. Putters come in different sizes but the standard is about 35 inches tall.

How Misters Work

Misters are those fans that are a common sight in large outdoor areas with huge crowd. These are the machines that provide the cooling breeze crowds love so much in areas advertised as chill zones. The air around these fans can be several degrees cooler than ambient temperature. This can spell the difference between a hot day and a cool day. But these fans have more than just a cool appeal to them as they serve a variety of functions in other applications.

Some botanists are fond of using mist fans for their work. When used in a greenhouse, mist fans are capable of lowering the temperature so things do not dry up so quickly. Mist fans are also capable of humidifying the area. This in turn helps to keep the plants wet and healthy, especially for plant species that require a lot of watering. Specialty produce groceries also use these in order to keep their products fresh.

In the livestock industry, livestock owners use misters in order to keep their livestock cool. In fact, mist fans were first employed somewhere around the 1950’s for the very purpose of cooling livestock. This was way before mist fans had entered use for the general public.

No matter what the application might be mist fans present an ideal and cost effective cooling solution for solving hot problems. It can seem complicated, but mist fans are actually easy to understand. It does not take a rocket scientist to get an idea how these things work. Below is an explanation of how mist fans operate.

Air cooling through evaporative cooling

Everyone understands why people sweat. The body, for one reason or another, gets really hot. A mechanism then kicks in to help cool off the body. This mechanism is responsible for perspiration. Perspiration helps the body cool off. It is the body’s way of regulating its temperature.

Perspiration helps with cooling because of a process known as evaporative cooling. When the body sweats, the sweat absorbs some of the body heat and evaporates. This is basically how the body cools itself off.

Misters work by taking advantage of the same principle. The air blown by the mist fan is mixed with tiny micron sized droplets of water. The water droplets are so tiny that they evaporate upon contact with the air or sunlight. They evaporate so quickly because the amount of heat necessary to vaporize that volume of water is small. When the water droplets evaporate they take some of the heat with them, thus cooling the air. The cold air provides the cool gust of wind that mist fans blow.

This ability to cool the air is what differentiates a mist fan from a typical run of the mill electric fan. They’re no air conditioner, but they are certainly better than an electric fan.

Using water pressure

Mist fans use water pressure in order to mix water with the air. There are basically three different kinds of water systems.

High pressure water systems are mist fans that use somewhere around 1,000 PSI (pounds per square inch of force. These are used almost exclusively for large mist fans which are a common sight in stadiums or arenas. They are the most expensive of the bunch given their size and the amount of materials that were required to build them. High pressure mist fans are the ideal outdoor cooling solutions.

Medium pressure mist fans are the fans typically employed indoors by homeowners or commercial establishments such as restaurants. They are the middle ground option for consumers. These fans offer medium performance at a very reasonable price. They can also be used outdoors but are typically reserved for indoor use.

Low pressure mist fans are the cheapest ones available in the market. They are usually used for personal use. The low cost is reflective of the low performance. These fans are rare as most consumers go for either high pressure or medium pressure misters.

Author Bio:
Auramist the leading manufacturer and provider of the highest quality Misting fans, Misters, Misting Systems and innovative cooling Fans. Auramist misting fans are equipped with cutting-edge technology with 75 patents. You can trust the Auramist brand to keep you cool and comfortable in your home or on your patio.

Choosing Live Chat for Websites Software

Companies and businesses that want to overcome the stiff competition in any industry utilize live chat for websites software to improve their service. Consumers, aside from considering the prices and the quality of the product and/or service they are availing, they are also particular on how the company treats them and how it addresses their concerns.

If you are having a dilemma in choosing the best live chat software to help you achieve good quality customer service, here are a few tips to and factors to consider:

Simplicity of the Program

When choosing live chat for websites, consider the simplicity of the program. Ease of use and configuration is an important factor. Choose a service provider that is web-based, and requires no configuration and no installation.


There are applications that need installation to a particular server or individual agents’ computers. Still there are the web-based, as previously mentioned. A web-based live chat for websites application is more preferred by businesses because of its ease of use and requires minimal maintenance. Set up is easy as well.


live chat for websitesLive chat for websites service providers present different offers to potential clients. You won’t be able to find a provider that has all the features that you would want, as most experts say, you will never find a single provider with everything that you need. So the next best thing is to ensure that the provider you are choosing would at least offer what your company or your business needs.

In this regard, you need to establish what your needs are. What you want is to improve your customer relation, you need to make sure that the interaction between the customers and your reps is simple and the customers will not have a hard time navigating through your website’s interface. The live chat feature should be integrated with popular internet messengers.

The live chat for websites feature to look for is the ability to acquire data and pertinent information about the clients, like the geographical location and the email address of the customer. Data like these will be helpful, it is also a gauge for you to determine the area where you have fewer clients, this way; you can formulate plans in order to increase your numbers in those areas.

Get the live chat software that does not require complicated installation and minimal maintenance. Choose also one that allows you reps to speak with multiple clients. Live chat software should also have a provision to make communications between departments in your company easier and faster.


Pricing is an important factor. You can determine if the cost justifies the features that the live chat for websites: it doesn’t matter if is a little expensive as long as the features will help boost your business profits.

Reasons to Wear Mens Thong Underwear

There are many reasons to wear mens thong underwear. Contrary to what many people believe, thongs aren’t confined as women’s underwear only. Thongs can also be worn by men. But, they have a different thong than women. While the thought of wearing thongs may seem uncomfortable to most men, there are actually a few valid reasons why men should start wearing them. Here are some of the reasons:

Surf Boat Rowing

This is one of the many instances wherein wearing mens thong underwear is healthy and beneficial. When rowing surf boats, it is found to be more helpful and better for your body to wear thongs instead of briefs or boxers. It is lighter and doesn’t weigh too much when it accidentally gets wet. Hence, if you row surf boats, it is better to wear a proper swimsuit men thong than wear a normal, regular underwear to avoid weighing your body down.

For Nude Publications

Another reason why men can wear thongs is for nude or almost nude publications. If you intend to be photographed or published wearing almost nothing or nothing at all, wearing thongs can save you tons of money. In the country alone, there are strict laws we must adhere to when publishing men who are nude or almost nude. If you want to save yourself all the hassle and headache you may incur for posing and publishing such material, wearing a thong may be the best idea for you.


Thongs are definitely helpful in providing ventilation and preventing your butt and private parts from sweating too much especially during the summertime. If you live alone or if you live with other men, it is safe to wear just your thong around the house. This will give you the right amount of ventilation so you don’t sweat too much and allow you to feel comfortable. Doing this may also save you on electricity bills since you won’t feel the need to open the air conditioner anymore. You will already feel well-ventilated and fresh wearing just the thong. But, you should only do this only at home and if you don’t have visitors.


Wearing thongs can also serve as your motivation to stay fit. In all honesty, if you want to be able to pull off wearing a thong, you have to be physically fit. You can’t have a bulging stomach and loads of other fatty body parts bulging around. Thongs are meant to look sexy and having a fat body is not sexy. Hence, if you want to look great wearing your thong, you have to take care of your body.

These are just a few reasons why you can or need to wear mens thong underwear. It can help you row surf boats better, prevent hassles for almost nude publications, give you enough ventilation, and keep you motivated to stay physically fit.

Handy Tips for Selecting the Right Style of Wicker Patio Furniture

Enjoying a meal or simply relaxing in the outdoors is something many people love to do during the summer. If you would rather do this right at your home, you have to consider outdoor furniture. This outdoor furniture can be placed at a variety of places ranging from the patio to by the pool or simply in your garden. A popular option that most homeowners consider is wicker patio furniture. Not only is this furniture cozy, but it is also stylish and fashionable adding a touch of class to your patio. However, it is not simply about going to the store and purchasing the first set of furniture that you come across. Here are some handy tips you could use for selecting the right style of wicker patio furniture.

wicker patio furniture1. Fabric used on the furniture. When you go out in search of outdoor furniture, you will find a range of sofa cushions and covers that come in a myriad of fabrics. As such, you have a wide choice to select from when looking for furnishings that are not only comfortable but luxurious too. When selecting the fabrics for your outdoor wicker patio furniture, the first thing to consider would be what would be involved in the maintenance of it. For example, leather may seem like a plush option but if your furniture will be exposed to the weather elements, the leather will deteriorate in quite a short time. Consider fabrics that are not only easy to clean, but that will not fade by being outdoors.

2. Materials used to make the furniture. There are numerous materials used in the creation of outdoor furniture such as wrought iron, rattan and more. However, wicker is a great choice for people that are seeking style as well as durability. Wicker is quite durable and thus is a great choice for outdoor furniture. In addition to this, it does not need too much maintenance. You simply have to ensure that the furniture is not exposed to too much moisture so that it does not retain water. An added advantage of wicker patio furniture is that it is quite lightweight. This enables you to move the furniture around on a whim whether you would like to keep it away from the sun or are simply looking to change the arrangement of the seats. This is why a large number of individuals opt for it for their homes and even restaurants have them for their patrons.

Qualities of an Idea Remote Desktop Connection

The term desktop is popularly used in reference to the home screen of a computerRemote Desktop Software due to its equivalence to an office desk where all the work that is currently being worked on is placed. Remote desktop however refers to the ability to control a computer from any place through a network connection. One can therefore be able to not only access files but also continue to carryout their work from a distance. This is made possible through remote desktop applications, which are designed to allow access to a computer remotely viewing its desktop in real time and thus enabling one to open files, windows and work remotely.

There are many benefits that this remote system has brought to organizations and individuals who want their personal computers accessible remotely. This system works by installing a remote access application in the machines that are required to be interconnected, access is then possible only upon provision of a login user id and a password. This is for security purposes and helps prevent unauthorized access of the machine by anyone else with the application installed.The idea remote desktop software is therefore one that;

Is simple to install, configure and use. Remote access software that has a user friendly and easy to understand interface is much better. There is certain remote access software that requires a great deal of configuration settings to be adjusted such as router configuration for remote access and is not ideal for the average computer users who simply want to be able to access their desktop remotely.

Good remote desktop software should be affordable; the market is flooded with tons of remote access software that promise a number of features. One must however be careful not to go for cheaper software that will compromise their system in terms of security. Any lapse in security can open your computer to hackers and thereby compromise the safety of any crucial data you may have stored on your computer.

Customization is very important when it comes to software since different organizations have different needs. Software purchased should therefore allow for easy customization to enable it better fulfil the specific needs an organization or business may have. Good remote desktop software should be customizable so as to be able to perfectly fit and meet the specific needs an organization may have. Standard packages may come with a lot of features that can never be used at all.

Support is a very important part of any software, the ability to find help when you need it. The ideal remote desktop should have proper support from the developer and any problems with the systems should be easily communicated back to the developer for accurate solutions. Having software with reliable support also gives one peace of mind knowing that any issues that arise during day to day operation can be responded to with specific diagnosis and solutions available upon realization that there is a malfunction. Most software is able to send error codes back to their developers for faster diagnosis. Finding the ideal desktop access software makes remote computing simple and stress free.

Activities Included in an All Inclusive Riu Cancun Package

Cancun is known the world over as a tourist destination par excellence.  In fact, in the year 2009 the World Travel Awards named Cancun ‘The best tourist destination of Mexico and Central America.’  The Cancun hotel zone houses several great hotels including the Riu Cancun which offer great rooms, excellent water sports facilities, mouth watering food and so much more.  Many people who do grace the Cancun area with their presence would enjoy an all inclusive Riu Cancun stay. The hotels are beach resorts sitting on the shores of the Caribbean Sea and there are many activities to be enjoyed while you are there. 

An all inclusive Riu Cancun holiday should take activities into account.  Water sports and diving are some of the activities that you will be able to indulge in while staying at the hotel.  Some of these include windsurfing, scuba diving lessons, canoeing, snorkeling, catamaran sailing and more.  With a little extra money you will be able to go deep sea fishing if you are interested, take sailing lessons, and go parasailing and more.  The staff members that will be assigned to you are well trained and have the best and most up to date equipment available.  Those who would prefer not to swim in the open ocean can take advantage of the 3 available swimming pools.  If you want something quiet and romantic you can go on a sunset boat ride.

For some, a holiday is just not aAll Inclusive Riu Cancun holiday if they do not have spa treatment while they are holidaymaking.  As such, you can ask for an all inclusive Riu Cancun package that bundles in the spa and wellness aspects of the hotel’s services as well.  This will allow you to make use of the sauna and Jacuzzi which incidentally are complimentary for the guests who stay at this hotel, and get pampered as well.  Go for a facial, body treatments, manicure and pedicure as well as various massages aimed at causing you to both relax and recharge on your vacation.  By the time you leave this vacation spot, you will feel like a whole new person.

Land sports include tennis, golf, cycling and a great gym in which you can work out.  So for those who enjoy a round of golf you don’t have to worry about missing your golfing day while in Cancun.  Entertainment is part of the all inclusive Riu Cancun package. There are live shows and music to keep you entertained in the evenings and the kids also have kid programs lined up to keep them busy and entertained as well.  There are also nightclubs open most nights of the week.

Blog to Make Money

If you are blogging for no particular reason except that you love to put your pen to the paper (I know the cliché is passé but allow me to use the phrase for the sake of nostalgia) then consider making money from your blog too. If you already have a blog and write regularly then the worst bit is already over. More than half the battle is already won. Can you imagine?

All that remains to be done now is learn a few techniques to promote your writing and wait to attract new readers to your blog and begin to build a community of your own, where you are following each other all the time. If you can do this, you can make huge money.

The whole point and secret behind making money from your blog is to make your blog popular. Focus all your energies on marketing your blog. There are hundreds and thousands of ways to go about it about that can be learnt online as free information is available online in abundance.

Once you get a hang of it, rest will be easy. Once you see people coming to your blog you can go sign up for various advertising programs like Google Adsense, Chitika etc and place their ads on your blog and every time people click on those links you earn money.

You can even sign up with sites like clickbank and Amazon and sell various items related to your theme of blog. When people reach those sites via links on your blog, and buy anything from there you earn your commissions.

Before you realise you would be earning income from various streams. All you have to remember is that you don’t stop promoting your blog in the mean time. Because the moment you stop promoting it the traffic will show a drop which you can’t afford to do.

So what are you waiting for? If you have a blog, start making money and if you want to make money and can write start a blog. Good luck!