The Wonders of Search Engines and Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Most people nowadays rely on search engines like Google in order to get to the websites that they want. They type something into the query field, hit enter, then boom goes the dynamite they get several pages worth of links to websites that the search engine deems relevant.

This may seem all too simple and mundane for some people. However, for those in the know, this is actually pretty amazing considering all the thought and effort brought into making something like this work. The computer engineering involved in making this search engines work is nothing short of amazing.

Stop and think about how something can take a bunch of words and cross reference it with the entire World Wide Web to come up with a list of websites and web pages relevant to that search. Now, think about how fast that list pops up. Isn’t that amazing?

Search engines work by cross referencing the keywords people use with words that can be found on a website. In order for websites to become visible, certain elements need to be present so they can be detected by a search engine. Link, keywords, tags and so on are just some of the elements that search engines take into account to make things work. To increase the visibility of your website visit SEOExplode.

Certain people know this and capitalize on this to increase the visibility of their website. This process is known as search engine optimization (SEO).

Why people even care about SEO

The simple reason why people care about SEO is because of the difficulty in being noticed. Any website on the internet can be viewed by practically anyone with an internet connection. Notwithstanding, getting noticed or receiving the kind of attention that would lead to success is still an uphill battle, a monumental struggle for almost any website. Most, if not all, websites want to have a high ranking on search engine return pages (SERPs).

A website can have the best content regarding the subject topic of their site and still not draw in a lot of visitors. It is not so much the content as it is the visibility. Think about how this really great shoemaker makes some of the finest or even best shoes on the planet, but is unable to sell anything for the simple reason that no one knows about him.

It is not an exact science

There are so many things involved in SEO that it can be quite the intimidating subject for people who are not well acquainted with information technology. SEO firms take into account so many different variables to ensure that an SEO campaign will not flop.

However, people still need to know that SEO does not ensure success. It merely increases the chance of success. Any SEO firm that advertises itself as capable of ensuring a top page ranking is either lying or giving a misleading truth. There is no magical bullet that can raise the ranking of a website so quickly and efficiently.

The reason why it is so difficult to rise to the top of SERP is that the search parameters are controlled by the companies that own and program the search engines. For example, only Google has any real idea how their search engine works. The search process itself is a secret, but the criteria that companies like Google or Bing use are far from being an enigma.

For the aforementioned reasons, SEO is definitely not an exact science. What SEO does for a website is, in essence, to tailor the website to match certain criteria used by search engine owners to rank websites.

A growing industry

If a person or organization wants to venture into the internet then there is no doubt that SEO should be a part of their marketing strategy. No website will survive, let alone thrive, if they do not get the attention that they need to keep on running. More and more websites are depending on SEO firms to get their sites at the top of the rankings.

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